A New Beginning

In my last blog post published on September 26, 2020, titled, America at the Crossroads,” I brought up the subject of my six-year search for affordable senior housing that has gone nowhere in all of this time. If you’ve read it, you can sense the frustration that had built up in me over this period of time just trying to find affordable and more permanent housing. It started in one state (Florida) and extended to another state (Texas), and still there was no open door (no pun intended) in trying to find it. In fact, I stated, “Affordable senior housing is about as hard to find in America today as ice is to find in the middle of a desert.” At least that has been the case in my search for it.

When I was on Craigslist in late September doing yet another online housing search, I noticed an ad from an apartment locator. I decided to contact him, and he asked me where I wanted to live in the huge metropolitan city where I’ve been staying in an extended stay hotel for a really long time, and after I told him he emailed me a list of apartment complexes in that area. These apartment complexes were regular (as in all ages) complexes and not “senior” complexes, but since my search has been so futile looking for an affordable senior apartment complex, I decided to broaden my search criteria. As I looked over the list, the very last complex listed was in the exact location I wanted to live, but I was also aware that it might be outside of my budget, so I contacted a few of the other apartment complexes first.

After checking out the others, I decided to contact that apartment complex after all, and as it turned out, they had a one-bedroom apartment that would fit within my budget, and it is located near a large mall, a waterway, and several restaurants and businesses. So I decided to lease the apartment for a year, and I moved into it three days ago on October 5, 2020. And, just like that after six years of searching, my hunt for an apartment and my six-year hotel room living saga is over. I guess I had to finally give up searching specifically for affordable senior housing to end up finding this apartment. And it has turned out to be a total surprise and a very pleasant one, too.

I just wanted to post this update as a sequel to that last blog post I published on this blog on September 26, 2020…




YouTube Video: “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang:

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